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Physical Distribution

Phone / Mail Orders


We promote & manage the distribution of selected music labels to the Greek territory. For us, distribution means high level of both available titles and stock. No need to wait for long waiting periods till restocking, in Greenway you'll find available almost every title in the desired quantity.


The creation of stable business relationships based on honesty and hard work is the key point of our success.

We support a wide range of ordering services. Our partners are able to order via email, fax or voice. We are always listening to clients' needs and if you call us during working days and hours (Mon to Fri, 09.00 - 17.00), a representative will be willing to give you all the appropriate help with your order.

On-line ordering (B2B)

Strategic planning

We believe that distribution is a commitment both to our suppliers and to our clients. Towards that notion, we are currently building a web platform for online B2B ordering of every available for purchasing title/code from our cooperated suppliers. Some of the featured services will be: information & artwork (where applicable), online stock, music samples (where applcable) and many more.


We are trying to make ordering easy, fast & reliable!


We seriously take into account the protection of our brands and business partners and we design our sales strategy together with each of them. We make forecasts & set achievable sale targets.


Success is definitely based on teamwork.


Marketing Campaign

We carefully design business campaigns in close cooperation with our partners in order to promote our distributed products in an effective & targeted way and achieve maximum sales result.

Customizable marketing solutions to fulfill business requirements are offered to each of our partners.



You feel confused and you don't know what music suits for you store? You are not aware of some labels and you need guidance? No worries! We have a deep understanding of every music label we distribute and we' re willing to give you any help you may ask.


Feel free to ask!

Reward Programs

Reporting tools

We value our clients and we continuously think & design reward programs for active participants. Reward programs are different for online & traditional sales and are based on sales volume. The more you sell the more you get, it's simple.

Reporting tools are available only for online sales & ordering. Record labels will have the sales info (sales per disc/genre) of their own recordings in Greece and our Greek business clients will have this info for our entire catalog. Our partners will have an insight of the Greek market and our potential market segment(s) as well as sales forecast & analysis.





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We are hard workers, we constantly set new & more demanding goals and we are trying to fulfill them, we build our partnerships on honesty and yes, we might make mistakes but we learn from them.



Distribution is bonded with services. We are trying to offer high quality services both to our partners and business clients. We never stop thinking how we could be better and offer smart & innovative solutions to you.



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